6 January 2013


With sadness and mixed feelings I have decided to say a warm yet melancholic farewell to my blog and to all of you dear readers. I have had a blast for the past few years writing this blog but sometimes, things must come to an end. I'm sure I will return at some point as blogging is a fantastic way to communicate with people about our shared interests and passions. However, at the moment, I have decided I need to focus my passion for fashion elsewhere and take some time off when it comes to blogging. I wish all of you a very happy and wonderful New Year and all the best.

Els xxx

30 December 2012

Christmas Cape

This outfit is slightly out of my comfort & style zone. As you may guess, it's too girly, womanly and polished to my liking. Hence, when the day came, I scrapped the hairdo & earrings and decided to go with open locks and minimal jewellery. Loooove the cape though.

What's outside your comfort & style zone when it comes to clothing?

pics Adam J Piper

25 December 2012

And the Winners Are...

You read me right. There are two winners: the lucky girls under the screen names Robie (commented on my Finnish blog) and lotta (commented on my English blog). Congratulations! I couldn't help but to raffle two gifts instead of one after I saw all the nice comments you guys left! So thank yourselves! Robie will be given the items in the picture and lotta will be given a similar little gift. The winners have been contacted via email. However, I want to thank all of you who took part in the draw, whether on my English or Finnish blog or on Facebook. And an extra special thank you for all the wonderful comments!

Hope you have had a very merry Christmas. I'm about to have my second one (yesterday was a Finnish Christmas, today it will be English) with a proper roast dinner. See you soon...

24 December 2012

Christmas Video

Merry Christmas to you all. 
Relax, indulge and be merry. 
Hope you like the little surprise - a Christmas video from me to you.

Els xxx

video by Adam J Piper

23 December 2012

2 x Denim

Not exactly what I'll be wearing today on Christmas Eve but something I tried on the other day. Long flared semi fitting jeans aren't usually my cup of tea but despite the subconscious hesitation at the beginning, I became quite fond of the combo. Yeah sure I'm a short gal with short legs but a pair of heels can fix almost any shortcomings.

pics Adam J Piper

A Mess

Holy shit, Christmas is tomorrow and my household is an utter mess! You could, I guess, say the same about today's outfit! Better start cleaning and scrubbing (all the glorious sides of Christmas I want to avoid). I shall ditch the heels and faux fur coat but the hat will stay firmly on till my hot & relaxing bath later tonight.

Remember that you can still take part in my Christmas draw, if you wish, and stay tuned as tomorrow I have another little surprise for you!

pics Adam J Piper

20 December 2012

It Must Be Blue

This fall, I have run across so many electric blue items, I'm surprised I haven't already bought one, or two (blue being my favourite colour and all). So I decided to put together a combo of all things blue I'd like to wear - all at the same time. Well, there is a choice between a leather dress and a pencil skirt but I just couldn't make up my mind. Anyone else think blue has that extra something that all the other colours just don't have?

ps. Thank you for all the nice comments on the previous post! And remember, you still have time to take part in the draw till the 24th!

pics: netaporter